Positively Lima – Restored 40-year old Show Opens A Historic “Window” on the Past

Positively Lima

Restored 40-year old Show
Opens A Historic “Window” on the Past

To Be presented by the Lima Historical Society
On Lima Crossroads Days

Date: August 5th and 6th (Showings 1:30, 2:30, 3:30)
Lima Town Hall Auditorium
(2nd Floor -fully accessible by elevator near back door)

In 1983, a cutting-edge audiovisual show entitled Positively Lima, was created through the collaborative efforts of the Lima Historical Society, Elim Bible Institute, and Eastman Kodak Company. Its goal, inspired by Elim’s Ronald Buchanan, was to enhance local pride in Lima by highlighting its distinguished history, architecture, and the accomplishments of its residents, past and present. Positively Lima represented a warm, people-centered overview of a “moment in time” in the history of the small town of Lima NY—a unique historical treasure.

The original 25-minute presentation included over 500 color slides shown on six synchronized projectors meticulously coordinated with music, special sound effects, and historical narration. It was first presented on November 18, 1983 to a huge audience of enthusiastic Lima residents at College Hall, and later to other community and school groups. As we all know, electronic technology moved rapidly over the next four decades, rendering much equipment obsolete and digital materials often inaccessible.  Unfortunately, that was the fate of Positively Lima.

Nevertheless, the six carousels of slides, the script, and a grainy audio/video tape had been preserved at the Lima Historical Society’s Tennie Burton Museum.  Collective memories of the original show and its historic value led to a challenging months-long effort to have it restored in time for the society’s 50th Anniversary this year.  DeBergerac Productions Inc. provided  the necessary technical skills and equipment; Maureen McGuire, retired TV News Anchor recreated the original audio; and Marty and Cathy Gardner provided  the necessary support to see the project through.  Positively Lima has once again come alive in vivid color, offering a nostalgic look at Lima forty years ago.

Don’t miss this rare historical event!  Come, take a break from the bustle and heat of Crossroads Days (Saturday August 5th and Sunday August 6th between 1-4 pm),  and enjoy this beautifully restored presentation of Positively Lima at one of our free showings in the auditorium of the Lima Town Hall (2nd floor -fully accessible from back door).  Two additional presentations:  one of historic Lima photos; and the other an illustrated tour of Lima’s renowned architecture are also being offered on Crossroads Days. Go to our website to see the LHS Crossroads Days Schedule Through Lima’s Lens: Images of its Past.      www.limahistorical.org


Lima Historical Society Programs On Lima Crossroads Days

Through Lima’s Lens: Images of its Past

Celebrating the Good Life in Lima Today
With An Exciting Historical Look at Yesterday
(downloadable PDF)

Positively Lima
Specially Restored Multi-Media Presentation
A Retrospective View of the Lima Community Forty Years Ago
Showing at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30

Lima Through the Ages
Historic Lima Photos
from the Tennie Burton Museum Collections
Video showing continuously

Talking Buildings
An Architectural Tour of Lima
Slides Showing continuously


Town Hall Auditorium
August 5th and 6th, 2023
1:00 – 4:00 pm