Welcome to The Lima Historical Society

Thank you for stopping by the Lima Historical Society's website. We hope you enjoy your visit here. You might also enjoy a live visit to our Tennie Burton Museum. The Museum is located in the village of Lima at 1850 Rochester Street. The museum is open on Sundays, June thru September, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm or by special appointment. To contact us click the link below. Our upcoming events are also listed on this page. Scroll though them and attend any or all that appeal to you. These events will be limited until this Pandemic is under control. We are a non-profit organization, so most of these events are free to the public. We do, however, welcome donations and we also hold some fund raising events during the year when we can. We try to keep our site up to date so check back often to see our newest events and updates at the museum.
  • 50th Anniversary of the Lima Historical Society (1972-2022)

    Further anniversary events will follow in this section as they are planned.
    Please keep checking our website for Anniversary Events.